SPECTRA – Centre of Excellence of EU at Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava (Centre of Excellence EU pri Slovenskej technickej univerzite v Bratislave)


The Centre with its activities contributes to economic, social and cultural integration in Europe. By permanent research and proposals of the solutions for optimisation of spatial structures of settlements it helps to meet the objectives of sustainable spatial development, management and planning as well as to balancing regional disparities, improving quality of life and strengthening of social equity in Europe.

SPECTRA CE EU is the coordinator of several network of spatial planners and spatial planning institutions in V4, Central Europe and World-wide acting (SPA-CE.net, Urban Innovation network, SSDIA, etc ...). Strengthening the V4 interactions and embedding of these interactions into the international context will increase effects and efficiency of project activities as planned. SPECTRA CE EU is also a spin-off company of the Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava, thus this relation enhances the project’s embeddedness in university education and strengthening the involvement of university students to the implementation of the project.

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